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SMS Templates for the Real Estate Industry

Published on
December 13, 2023


As marketers, our love language is looking for fresh ways to reach our customers. In an age where everything seems to be at the tip of our fingers, text messaging has become an incredibly potent tool for engaging potential clients and retaining existing ones. If you have yet to dive into mobile marketing for your business, we're here to help. In this article, we give you examples of how to use SMS Templates in the Real Estate industry but don't forget to check out our full list of SMS Templates for more inspiration. Whether you're a seasoned realtor or new to the industry, these templates will guide your mobile communication strategy, ensuring your messages are clear, professional, and efficient.

Template #1 - Sign up

Thanks again for choosing [COMPANY] to help you with your sale! Please complete the following form to get started on next steps: [URL]

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Template #2 - Upcoming auction

[ADDRESS] will be going to auction on [DATE] at [TIME]. If you intend on participating, please register here: [URL]

Thanks, [AGENT or COMPANY]

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Template #3 - Upcoming inspection

Hi [FirstName], this is a reminder that your yearly inspection has been scheduled for [DATE] at [TIME]. Reply Y or call [PHONE NUMBER]. Thanks, [COMPANY]

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Template #4 - Reschedule

We would like to inform you that the auction of [ADDRESS] has been brought forward by [AMOUNT]. It will now take place on [DATE]. Register here: [URL]

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Template #5 - Rate your agent

Congratulations on your recent [SALE or PURCHASE]! We are pleased to have helped you along the way. Please rate your experience with [AGENT]: [URL]

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Template #6 - Upcoming open home

You showed interest in [ADDRESS]. An open home inspection has been scheduled for [DATE] at [TIME]. Register here: [URL] Thanks, [AGENT]

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As you apply these templates and strategies to your business, remember that the ultimate goal is to create meaningful connections with your clients. Authenticity and personal touch always win the day! Happy texting and here's to boost your real estate success through effective SMS marketing!

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