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Cellcast is a leading provider of mobile communications, SMS programming and MMS interactive mobile messaging for the fast-growing mobile digital communication platform.

Australian SMS Marketing platform

Bulk SMS & MMS

We’ve streamlined the process and have made it incredibly intuitive to get your message out fast and accurately. Create your campaign in minutes and send it to all contacts in your list with lightening speed

Growth tools & Lead Gen

Lead generation tools connect directly to your Cellcast customer list, with engaging popups and forms for your website that convert more visitors into customers.

Customer Survey’s

Discover what your clients want - don’t waste your leads, turn your weakness into a strength by  turning your prospectives into conversions on your next call campaign.

Marketing automation

Collect reviews, engage new customers and get sales without lifting a finger. Set your triggers and watch the magic happen.

Expert Services

Ensure your next campaign is a resounding success, or strategic consulting to optimise your returns, Cellcast is the partner you can count on.

Detailed Delivery Report

Cellcast platform records advanced data sets and generates real-time graphical representations, to make it easy to measure and improve your campaigning each time.

Scheduled Messaging

Plan your campaigns with Scheduled Messaging. Automate delivery for peak engagement hours or special events. Timely messages for maximum impact.

Single Inbox

Monitor all customer interactions in one place with Single Inbox. Centralized messages for quick responses and streamlined communication.

List Mangagement

Organize your contact lists with our List Management. Segment audience, tag contacts, and ensure personalized, targeted communication.

Custom Templates

Use Custom Templates to create engaging, brand-consistent messages. Save time and maintain consistency in your mobile marketing campaigns.


Boost security with our 2FA & OTP features. Protect user accounts and sensitive information. Reliable and secure marketing.

Custom Landing Pages

Boost conversions with Custom Landing Pages. Tailor pages to campaigns, providing a consistent journey for your audience.

Dedicated Numbers

Stand out with Dedicated Numbers. Enhance your professional image and improve brand recognition. Memorable marketing made easy.

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