Earn more than just commission.

Connect your customers to your branded portal and generate commission on client usage. Grow with Cellcast and unlock exclusive offers and early access to new features. Join our reseller program

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Branded portal

Our discreet login via ensures customers are not directed via Cellcast, allowing limited visibility of pricing, so you can stipulate their own price, without concern. Add your logo and brand your portal.

Manage sub-client accounts

Create sub-client accounts with ease and manage them all from your Parent portal. You can even distribute credits to each, as required.

Scalable pricing

Add commission via scalable percentage (%) to affect sub-client price packages. You can make these changes dynamically, as often as required.

Reseller portal

We provide you with level 1-3 support, so that you can manage and support your clients with ease.

Partner Badge

Show off your affiliation with our exclusive partner badge! Display it on your website, social media, or email signature to boost credibility and attract referrals.

Early access to new features

Stay ahead of the game with early access to the latest platform features. Be the first to showcase our innovative solutions and capture your audience's attention.

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Why work with Cellcast?

Cellcast is not just a SMS and MMS gateway to send a quick message, we are so much more. We have The all-in-one MMS & SMS Marketing system, communicate with your customers through video, images or plain text.

With half a decade in marketing we know how to extract the most out of every communication. Each of your referrals will be able to leverage this experience and knowledge.

Integrations for every need


How does it work

Becoming a reseller or owning a white label account for Cellcast comes with a host of perks, designed to empower you to build and grow your own successful business in the mobile marketing sector.

Apply online: Simply fill out our program application form

Portal setup: Get started with your branded portal and reseller tools

Start earning: Manage your clients and start earning

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