SMS Marketing built for Shopify brands

Seamlessly integrated into your Shopify store with just one click. Grow sales with Cellcast’s powerful automation tailored for e-commerce brands.

Bring customers back

Send tailored SMS messages with promotional offers, exclusive discounts, or reminders for abandoned carts.

Track and optimize

Easily monitor and track your revenue, ROI, and order confirmations to optimize your SMS marketing campaigns.

Grow your subscriber lists

Never miss a chance to grow your customer base with targeted SMS campaigns and customizable pop-up forms


The winning duo for every eCommerce brand

You can integrate Shopify and Cellcast simply with one click, and start selling immediately. Stay on top of every interaction and boost revenue with automated SMS messaging.

  • Campaign scheduling: No need to lift a finger. Schedule SMS and MMS messages to be sent at just the right time.
  • Link tracking: Enhance your SMS marketing with real-time reporting and deliver hyper-targeted campaigns to the right audience.
  • Message automation: Create tailored journeys for your customers and prospects using our dynamic automated flows