Take your communication to the next level

Add Cellcast to your Mailchimp account to expand beyond just email and utilize SMS to engage with your customers like never before. Send SMS campaigns to your subscribers and easily track the performance within the Mailchimp dashboard.

Two-way communication

Text and receive SMS directly from your customers within the Mailchimp platform.

Seamless integration

Simply integrate your Mailchimp to Cellcast using a Zapier connection.

Message automation

Create personalized journeys for your customers and prospects using our dynamic automated flows.


Send targeted campaigns that speak to your customers

  • Actionable reports with real-time data: Powerful report provides you with the best marketing learnings and practices.
  • 24/7 available support: Our support team is second to none! We're available 24/7 via live email and chat support to answer any questions you may have about the integration process.
  • User-friendly platform: Getting started is a breeze! Our automated flows and stunning SMS templates work together seamlessly to make the process as easy as possible.