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What is MMS

The Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) marked a significant advancement in SMS technology. Originally, SMS was limited to transmitting alphanumeric characters only. However, as demand grew, the technology and cellular infrastructure improved, leading to the development of MMS. MMS is a service that enables users to send multimedia files such as images, audio, and videos to smartphones via a cellular network.

Published on
December 13, 2023
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While MMS operates similarly to SMS, there are notable technological distinctions. Unlike SMS, MMS charges are applied to both the sender and recipient since the latter needs to download the multimedia content. When MMS was first introduced in 2005, some phones were unable to support it due to insufficient data/bandwidth availability or limitations in the phone's capabilities. However, with advancements in handset technology, compatibility issues are no longer a concern.

Similar to instant messaging applications, there are size limitations for media that can be transmitted through MMS. These limits are set by the network service provider to prevent network congestion. Despite these limitations, MMS remains one of the most popular media sharing services used globally.

Using MMS Marketing

The process for sending and viewing an MMS is similar to that of SMS, with minor software adjustments. When you receive an MMS, your phone will automatically download it, and charges may apply during the download process. Once downloaded, you can open or enlarge the message as desired.

There are two methods for sending an MMS, one of which involves selecting the media file you wish to send and then choosing the option to share it. From the list of sharing options, select the text messaging app, then enter the recipient's phone number and send the message. The upload process may take some time.

To make it easy to incorporate media into your messages, Cellcast offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to create your message and select from a variety of options such as audio, video, animated GIFs, or static images. The system will alert you if your chosen file is outside the required parameters.

Benefits of MMS

1000 Characters Limit

MMS has a generous character limit of 1000 characters per message, excluding images and subjects if included. You can take advantage of this by attaching campaign-specific imagery to your products and complementing your content to enhance engagement. Using logos can also increase brand exposure and recognition.

Greater Engagement

MMS is an effective way to capture recipients' attention and convey messages more effectively. Studies have shown that individuals are more likely to open and respond to an MMS compared to other forms of communication such as SMS, email, or plain text messages. By incorporating captivating videos or images, MMS can effectively attract potential customers to a product or service, compared to a plain text description.


MMS offers advantages over text messages as it supports a wider range of content. With MMS, a salesperson can send pictures, audio recordings, and videos to a recipient, providing a wealth of content that allows for greater diversity in communication. By providing different avenues to communicate through, MMS makes sales easier, as a picture or video can often convey more information than a thousand words of text.

Why MMS is ideal for marketing?

MMS is considered to be more effective than SMS for marketing purposes, as it combines the benefits of both. Despite the higher cost, MMS offers a higher return on investment as a profitable marketing platform.

Media-rich MMS messages have considerably higher open and conversion rates than plain text messages, making them more effective for marketing. The personal nature of MMS and the use of engaging and entertaining media works to guarantee increased open and customer conversion rates. Additionally, MMS is ideal for marketing because it reaches a personal device.

Studies show that the younger generation is more likely to respond to media-rich messages, which leads to higher engagement and response rates, increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Sending pictures and videos of products is an improved way of driving sales through awareness, compared to plain text descriptions. Furthermore, MMS allows for personalized content that speaks directly to the client's interests. Cellcast MMS & SMS mobile marketing platform is a highly advanced yet simple communication tool that can benefit businesses of any size.

The limitations of both SMS and MMS

Before starting a mass marketing campaign, it is important to consider certain approaches. People generally dislike receiving sales pitches via text or MMS from companies they have no relationship with. Therefore, it is not advisable to mine user numbers or generate random numbers as a way of reaching your target market. It is recommended to use clean lists and conduct a cost-benefit analysis before investing in a campaign. By using the Cellcast MMS & SMS mobile marketing platform, you can ensure that you are staying within the legal boundaries in Australia and New Zealand.


SMS and MMS have been reliable communication methods since the first SMS was sent in 1992. With the development of efficient sending and reporting methods, mobile marketing has become a powerful communication tool, and will continue to rival emerging technologies. However, businesses need to consider how they will provision and respect privacy when using SMS or MMS for marketing purposes, as these tools can be damaging when abused. Cellcast, as a mobile marketing partner, abides by Australian privacy laws to ensure compliance with legislation.

Consider partnering with Cellcast's MMS & SMS bulk messaging platform for your mobile marketing needs.

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