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The Importance of SMS Marketing with Cellcast

Keeping your message in front of present and potential customers is a never-ending task. In order to get the finest outcomes, you’ll need to be innovative. Make sure you understand your target audience’s purchasing patterns by analysing their online behaviour and keeping up with the latest trends in your industry. The following are the fundamentals of marketing.

Yanire Herrera
Published on
December 13, 2023
Yanire Herrera
Customer Service Agent
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With the advent of mobile devices, marketers now have a whole new audience to reach. There are four mobile devices for every PC, according to current estimates. SMS read rates are 98 percent, compared to email’s 22 percent. It’s impossible to ignore these numbers. All firms should place a high value on SMS marketing. With the correct SMS marketing strategy, you’ll be able to reach your target audience wherever they are. You may use Cellcast’s easy bulk SMS messaging technology to communicate with your customers, both current and future, in a more personal way. Using it, your company can keep on top of the competition. Here are ten reasons why SMS marketing is so important, and how Cellcast can help you achieve it.


1. SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a cost-effective way to reach your target audience. There are several methods to connect with your target audience, and this is one of the most cost-effective. Bulk SMS services from Cellcast are reasonably priced. When buying a 5000-sms bundle, you can anticipate to pay only $0.031 each.
Even if you have a very little marketing budget, SMS marketing will yield positive results. When your customers are aware of your brand, you’ll be able to better communicate with them and sell more.

2. Use SMS Marketing to Make Immediate Contact

SMS services make it easy to launch a marketing campaign in a short period of time. It’s as easy to send a mass SMS campaign to your customers as it is to text your business partner. 95 percent of the people who watch Cellcast open the app. You may expect to get results within three minutes of sending a message. You can keep track of your communications and save time using Cellcast’s dashboard and thorough reports.

3. SMS Marketing is a great way to get your message out there. Personal

As a company, you want your customers to feel like they’re part of your brand’s extended family. If you make them feel important, they’ll agree to get SMS updates. Cellcast makes it simple to customise mass SMS campaigns. Wholesale SMS messages are sent from the same phone number. Developing a solid relationship with your customers begins with addressing them by name and signing off with the manager’s name. If you want to learn more about why your customers aren’t happy with your SMS service, Cellcast offers an opt-out survey.

4. In addition, SMS marketing is a greener option.

In today’s world, a growing number of people are worried about the environment. With a lesser carbon imprint, they’re more likely to engage with a brand. Text message marketing is environmentally friendly. Not only will your conversion rate improve, but you’ll save money by not printing as many booklets and having them go to trash. Your business will develop while saving the environment since Cellcast offers bulk SMS messaging and real-time conversion rate tracking, eliminating the need for pamphlets.

5. SMS Marketing Has Boosted Lead Generation.

Marketing relies heavily on keywords. In order to generate solid leads, they are essential. To make signing up for your SMS services as simple as possible, you can utilise an SMS short code. “Text LIFE” and “Text SMS” can be utilised to encourage customers to take action and produce new leads. Cellcast’s dashboard and reporting system make it easy to keep track of all new leads and conversions.

6. Indeed, SMS Marketing is a great fit for mobile devices.

Mobile-friendly marketing efforts follow suit with your website. Your clients are more likely to respond to text messages than any other medium. Without alienating anyone, you may use the SMS services provided by Cellcast to reach out to customers.

7. You may go right to the point with SMS marketing.

With the most customers and most conversions, a marketing campaign is considered to be a success. SMS marketing gives you the ability to communicate directly with your intended audience, ensuring that your messages contain only the most pertinent details. The ability to communicate directly with your customers is one of the many benefits of SMS marketing, such as Cellcast’s.

8. SMS marketing is quick and easy to implement.

Implementing marketing campaigns may take a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re already swamped with other responsibilities at your company. SMS marketing is a stress-free alternative to traditional marketing methods. The return on your marketing spend will be substantial and easy to achieve. Simply said, Cellcast has developed a simple-to-use SMS marketing platform. SMS campaigns and notifications may be set up in a couple of minutes. They’ll be getting an SMS at the stated time.

9. SMS marketing is a customer favourite.

It’s no secret that customers like personalised communications from their favourite companies. As a result of SMS marketing, you may connect with your customers in a more personal way. As a result, customers become more devoted to the brand. SMS vouchers from Cellcast will make your target audience even more eager to receive your SMS communications.

10. It’s Easy to Track SMS Marketing

There is a lot of room for improvement in tracking conventional marketing. SMS marketing allows you to track every new lead and click-through. SMS services platform Cellcast provides an in-depth analysis on your best SMS campaigns. Conversions produced from each SMS sent to your target audience may also be viewed. Keeping tabs on the results of your marketing efforts has never been so straightforward.

Your business will be transformed via SMS marketing.

It’s time for your firm to join the mobile revolution. SMS marketing is a low-cost and time-saving alternative to traditional forms of advertising. To enhance brand recognition and customer loyalty, you may build personal ties with your customers. Tracking your SMS marketing initiatives is a cinch with the help of SMS services. The conversions are displayed in real time. If you’re interested in learning more about SMS marketing and the services Cellcast.com.au provides, visit their website. With SMS marketing, you can transform your business.

Yanire Herrera
Customer Service Agent
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