SMS Templates for the Healthcare Industry

Published on
December 13, 2023


SMS messaging is increasingly becoming popular in the healthcare industry, and it's being used in various ways: from appointment reminders, and health updates to medication reminders, and even to providing health tips.

Text messages are immediate and direct, often leading to higher read and response rates than emails or phone calls. Additionally, SMS messaging can be automated and personalised, making it an efficient and effective communication tool. In a healthcare setting, where timely communication can be critical, this immediacy and efficiency are greatly valued.

In this article, we'll take you on an exploration of SMS templates tailored specifically for the healthcare industry, shedding light on how text messages can be a game-changer in patient engagement and care coordination. Get ready to transform your healthcare services through the power of texting!

Appointment confirmation

Template #1

[FIRST NAME], your appt is booked for [DAY MONTH] at [TIME]. Please arrive 15 mins early with your referral letter. Call [PHONE NUMBER] to reschedule.
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Template #2

Hi [FIRST NAME], you have an appointment at [COMPANY] on [DAY MONTH] at [TIME]. Please reply Y to confirm or call us within 24hrs to reschedule.
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Template #3

Hi [FIRST NAME], you are booked in with [DOCTOR] tomorrow at [TIME]. Please fill out our New Client form: [URL]. Call [PHONE NUMBER] if you have questions.
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Recurring appointment

Template #1

Hi [FIRST NAME], it's time for your quarterly [APPOINTMENT] check-up. Click here to book: [URL]. Alternatively, call us on [PHONE NUMBER] or reply STOP to unsubscribe.
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Template #1

[FIRST NAME], your surgery is scheduled for [TIME] on [DAY MONTH]. Please read our tips on how to prepare: [URL]. Any questions, call [PHONE NUMBER].
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Patient check-in

Template #1

[FIRST NAME], wishing you a smooth recovery. Here are helpful post-surgery tips: [URL].

Don't hesitate to call [PHONE NUMBER] with questions or concerns.
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Feedback requests

Template #1

Hi, [FIRST NAME]! We at [COMPANY NAME] hope you’re well. Would you like to share your customer experience? If so, please leave a review on Yelp: [URL].

Text STOP to unsubscribe.
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These templates are not just texts but tools that can build stronger relationships, improve patient satisfaction, and streamline your healthcare delivery process. As you utilise these templates, remember that empathy and clarity are at the heart of each message, reflecting your commitment to your patient's well-being. So, embrace the power of SMS in healthcare and witness a transformation in patient engagement!

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