SMS Templates for Bar & Restaurants

Published on
December 13, 2023


Picture this: a buzzing bar, a lively restaurant, or a text message that cuts through the noise and connects directly with your customers. Welcome to the dynamic fusion of technology and hospitality, where a well-crafted text message can set the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. In this article, we'll venture into the world of SMS templates designed specifically for bars and restaurants, which will help you serve up compelling text messages that build customer loyalty and boost business. So, get ready to spice up your customer communication and add a dash of digital flavor to your hospitality. Let's get cooking!

Template #1 - New opt-in

Thanks [NAME] for opting into [COMPANY]’s food and bev promotions! Enjoy exclusive deals and weekly specials!

Text STOP to unsubscribe.
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Template #2 - Reservation

[NAME], you have a booking at [COMPANY] for [TOTAL] ppl at [TIME] on [DATE]. See you then! Call us on [NUMBER] to reschedule.

Reply STOP to opt-out.
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Template #3 - Order confirmation

Thanks, your order for table [NUMBER] has been placed. Please allow [TIME] for all food orders. Tax invoice: [LINK].
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Template #4 - Birthday

[NAME], it’s your birthday! Present this SMS to receive $10 off as a gift from [COMPANY] to you. TCs apply, offer expires in 30 days.

Reply STOP to opt-out.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! [NAME], it’s time to celebrate. Use code [CODE] when you order online to get a free [OFFER] with your meal. TCs apply.

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Template #5 - Promotions

Looking for the perfect romantic evening? Come to [COMPANY] for a decadent degustation. Complete the night with a free gift when you recite [CODE]. TCs apply.

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Your order for table [NUMBER] is confirmed. Happy hour starts at 5pm - see our specials board for exclusive deals. Tax invoice at: [LINK].
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[NAME], book in with us online at [LINK] for the chance to win a cash prize. Don’t miss out, promo ends [DATE]. TCs apply. Reply STOP to opt-out.
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As we draw the curtains on our culinary journey through the world of SMS templates for bars and restaurants, it's clear how a well-seasoned text message can create a lasting bond with your customers. These templates are your secret ingredients to craft messages that resonate, engage, and, most importantly, invite customers back to your business. Remember, it's not just about sending a message, but about creating an experience that starts from the moment the notification pings on their device. So, as you mix these templates into your communication strategy, here's to building a digital rapport that's as memorable as the culinary experiences you offer.

Cheers to great food, great drinks, and even greater customer engagement!!

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