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World Health Day Campaign Ideas for Gym, Spas, Beauty Centres… (+ FREE SMS Templates)

Everyone knows the health industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, which is why it has a day dedicated to it. The health industry covers everything from healthcare to pharmacies, dieticians, and personal trainers, to fitness and foodies. It’s the perfect day to promote the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. It also gives businesses in this industry an opportunity to reconnect with their audience, by promoting their brand and raising health awareness. The marketing team here at Cellcast has some useful advice on how to promote your business by using social media, along with SMS & MMS marketing to make sure you’re not only promoting the importance of well-being but emitting it. Plus, we’ve added some free SMS & MMS templates to push you in the right direction.

Yanire Herrera
Published on
December 13, 2023
Yanire Herrera
Customer Service Agent
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For Social Media

Run a Photo Contest

It’s a great way to gather some UCG (user-generated content), while promoting your business. This is great for dieticians, personal trainers, and those in the fitness industry. You can challenge your customers to share photos of their healthy meals to gain a free dietician consultation. If you’re a gym or personal trainer, have your customers share a photo of themselves at your gym or doing their workout for a chance to win a free session or some workout gear. You can use hashtags like #healthybreakfast #worldhealthdayworkout. People are more likely to engage when they see others doing the same. In fact, it’s been proven that everyday people promoting brands leads to more brand loyalty.

Create a Giveaway Campaign

Have your customers sign up and provide their contact information, which you can use for your own records. It’s as simple as featuring an Entry Form Giveaway on your social media pages. For example: Sign up to win a free class or sign up to win a free nutrition schedule, etc. Even spas and beauty centres can market this. Everyone knows one of the steps to feeling healthy is feeling good, and what’s better than a healthy spa treatment? It’s all part of the strategy. Part A: collect your sales leads and Part B: convert those sales leads into actual customers. Once you’ve gotten all the information you need you can use it to market via SMS & MMS.


SMS and MMS are the perfect tools that can add value to your social media campaigns. We all know that people are busy and aren’t always scrolling through their social media apps, but they are getting those SMS & MMS notifications right to their phones. So why not take World Health Day as the perfect opportunity to wish your customers a healthy life, but also urge them to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Host a Fitness Challenge

It’s a great way to motivate your members to hit their body goals. You can target a wide range of challenges including nutrition and healthy eating, mindfulness and stress management, or just get up and moving. Fitness challenges are great because they not only help retain customers but also gain new ones. Plus, members can continue using your services once they finish the challenge. Send an SMS or MMS to let them know that you’re running a Fitness Challenge, along with a link to sign up.

To help you with your World Health Day campaigns we’ve added some SMS templates.

For Gyms

Class Invitation

Hey {NAME}, it’s time to get shredded! {GYM NAME} would like to invite you to {CLASS} on {DATE}. Reply YES to reserve a spot.

Special Training

Hey {NAME}! Congrats on your fantastic progress. Reply with “TRAIN WITH RICHARD” for a full-body evaluation and training, Friday at 6:00 PM! {GYM NAME}

Gym Signup

Sign up for our GOLD MEMBERSHIP until the end of January and benefit from a 20% discount. More details at bit.ly/gold. {GYM NAME}

Workout Support

Have you been squatting, {NAME}? Don’t forget to stretch before intense workouts! Find out more about stretching and muscle soreness here: bit.ly/stretching-guide. Stay awesome, {GYM NAME}

Referral Gym

Hey {NAME}, Need a workout pal? Refer one of your friends before January 30, 2021, and get one month of gym membership free. {GYM NAME}

Gym Membership Offers

Hey {NAME}, we’re excited to announce that starting {DATE} we will be offering 50% off fitness merch EXCLUSIVELY to {GYM NAME} members. Check out all the cool products here: bit.ly/discounted-gear.


I’m so proud of you, {NAME}! You’re killing it! I know it’s not easy to attend three classes in a row, but you’re a real champ. Keep up the good work, {TRAINER NAME}.

Yanire Herrera
Customer Service Agent
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