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Wholesale SMS – The Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

With so much change globally in the way people are living their lives, businesses have to embrace this change and use appropriate channels to reach their customers. This is where SMS Messaging can be used effectively. SMS has been around for a number of years, and is really coming into its own now as a powerful marketing and communication tool. SMS Marketing is set to drive an expanding economy as more customers are reached using this communication channel. Bulk SMS Marketing enables businesses to send fast, clear and concise information to their customers at the click of a button. Cellcast is a leading SMS messaging service in Australia. We offer affordable Wholesale SMS and MMS marketing plans to help grow your business.

Yanire Herrera
Published on
December 13, 2023
Yanire Herrera
Customer Service Agent
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What’s the Point of Bulk Messaging?

Research shows that 98% of SMS messages sent are opened, and 90% of these are read within seconds. This high readability rate makes SMS marketing an attractive option. Bulk SMS messaging can be used in both B2C (business to customer) and B2B (business to business) contexts and works equally well for business in general, third-sector organisations and public-sector companies. Bulk SMS can be used to build customer interest, market products and services, as well as send important information. It is also ROI measurable but it is important to ensure that your communication is sent with the customer’s consent, and that it is personal and of value to them. Using an API (Application Programming Interface) bulk sms messaging allows you to communicate globally via any website or service.

The 9 Benefits of Wholesale SMS

The statistics show that more than 3 billion people globally use smartphones and the number continues to grow every year. Users are on their phones literally 24/7, and so more and more businesses are incorporating an SMS blast as a marketing and customer service tool. It is easy to use in setting up marketing campaigns to target the correct audience, and prompt a speedy response from customers.

Let’s discuss what we think are the top 9 benefits of Bulk SMS Messaging.

1. Bulk SMS Delivers Instantly

SMS messages are delivered almost instantly – the data shows that it takes less than 7 seconds. This really helps your peace of mind, and as long as it is sent to the correct number you can trust that the message has been delivered. Compared to email which may not be opened till days after being sent or direct mail which may take a long while to be delivered, bulk SMS Marketing definitely has instant impact.

2. Get Better Conversion Rates with Wholesale SMS

People are feeling bombarded by all the different forms of communication they receive each day, and businesses have to find a way to cut through the noise and clutter. More businesses are finding SMS Marketing Messaging to be a powerful communication tool. With the data showing that 90% of messages are opened within seconds and younger people wanting to do business on their mobile device, Bulk SMS Marketing is the perfect solution. Also globally the research is showing that SMS has a 390% higher conversion rate compared to other channels, including email.

3. Bulk SMS Delivers Excellent ROI

Businesses have to consider expenses in their marketing strategies, and find cost-effective solutions with high ROI. This is where Wholesale SMS Marketing is an excellent choice. All that is needed is a minimal investment and this can be scaled according to the size of your business and how it will grow in the future.

4. It’s Easy to Integrate Wholesale SMS Into Your Current Marketing Strategy

With so many demands on time and resources, Bulk SMS Marketing Messaging is the answer. It is simple to set up the account and start sending messages almost immediately. For those businesses that have current systems in place that they want to keep working from, it is easy to integrate SMS messaging into these existing applications. Developers can also customise the integration of SMS messaging.

5. Wholesale SMS is Efficient

Bulk SMS Marketing makes it simple to select your target audience, and send to a particular group on your database or the whole customer base. Messages can also easily be customised as part of a marketing campaign or customer service feedback. These aspects make it an efficient communication tool.

6. Bulk SMS Messaging is Highly Customizable

With the amount of information being sent to consumers every day it is important that your message gets read. One way to help you achieve this is to personalise your marketing campaigns differently for prospects and existing customers. With wholesale SMS marketing it is simple to create templates that can customise the SMS message, and you choose who you want to send to – all your contacts or sub-groups or individuals.

7. Wholesale SMS is Cost Effective

Bulk SMS Marketing is a much more affordable option in comparison with other marketing channels such as print, radio and TV. SMS messaging is a reasonably priced and viable communication option, and yields a high return on investment.

8. Only Target the Customers You Want

With the need for businesses to focus on costs, it is important that all marketing activity is targeted at the right audience. With Bulk SMS Marketing you target only the customers you want to reach. Because it is permission based this means that everyone on your database would already have a connection with your business, and would have their given consent to being sent marketing messages. It is well known that reselling to existing customers is 5 to 7 times easier than sourcing new customers.

9. You Can Make It Personal Even Though It’s Bulk SMS

The scope of personalisation options for SMS is another affordable benefit of this marketing channel. Bulk SMS messaging can be tailored to reflect the customer’s name, their buying history and demographics and included in the personalisation can be the location as well as store and region information. Other types of marketing channels would be very expensive to personalise to this extent.

Wrapping Up

The ever rising number of smartphone users globally and extremely high open rates make SMS marketing one of the most attractive and affordable marketing options available today.

Cellcast.com.au can help you develop the wholesale SMS plan that works for your business. Contact us 61 (03) 8560 7025 on or complete this form. Register here for your free trial to see what we can do for you. You can also download our information pack to learn more about our costs and services. We’re eager to get you started and help you increase your conversions.

Yanire Herrera
Customer Service Agent
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